Our Board approved 'Code of Conduct' Policy

Key Note

Ethics & Integrity are an integral part of how we work at Salik and we believe that it is the responsibility of each & every individual to respect and adhere to ethical business practices all the time.
Keeping the above principle in mind and in order to foster a 'Compliance & Ethics Oriented' culture across the company, Salik’ Compliance Section has formulated Code of Conduct (COC), which has been approved by Board.
The objective of this policy is to ensure that all employees of Salik imbibes strong ethical, moral and honest behavior by creating an environment of awareness which will help in making business decisions in line with the company's mission, values and principles. It is mandatory for all to respect and adhere to the COC policy at all the times while being associated with Salik.

What is Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct sets out Salik's expected standards of ethical and personal conduct for Employees.

To whom does the code apply?

The Code of Conduct applies to Directors and all Employees of Salik. Salik encourages contractors, consultants, business partners, suppliers, and any other persons who work with or represent Salik to follow the Code of Conduct and to adopt the same or similar standards

Who manages the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct and Ethics is owned and managed by Salik’s Compliance Section. Should you have any queries or clarifications with respect to the Code, please reach out to the Internal Audit & Compliance Section at IAC@salik.ae.

What is Whistle Blower Policy?

Salik has established this Whistleblower Policy to manage the concerns submitted by employees, service providers, operators, dealers, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and all other internal or external parties interacting with Salik.
This Policy is an important element in detecting unethical, corrupt, or illegal conduct within Salik and in maintaining sound governance.
Should you have any concerns or wish to report a fraudulent activity, please reach out to the Internal Audit & Compliance Section at IAC@salik.ae , Whistle Blowing Portal Click here or Compliance and Ethics Hotline - 97145973925.
To learn more about our Code of Conduct Policy, Please Click here
To learn more about our Whistle Blower Policy, Please Click here
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