Salik Traffic Toll System

Salik is Dubai’s automatic road toll collection system.

Salik won’t waste your time

Salik is a free flowing system, so you don’t need to stop your car at any point on a Dubai highway and manually pay a road toll to someone sitting at a toll booth: you can travel freely, at normal highway speeds.
There are no toll booths, barriers or physical gates, so you drive straight through the tolling gate. (Salik means “open” or “clear” in Arabic – for good reason).

You don’t need to have cash with you

Each time your vehicle passes through a Salik toll point, a toll of AED 4 is automatically deducted from your prepaid Salik toll account – it’s that simple.

All you need is a Salik tag

If you want to use Dubai’s highways, you need to attach a Salik tag to your vehicle windshield. Our scanning technology automatically identifies your vehicle when you drive through a Salik toll gate. Learn more about how Salik works.

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