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The Company acknowledges its role and responsibility to incorporate sustainable practices in its operations, in alignment with Dubai’s committed sustainability goals. This is part of a belief in doing business responsibly, sustainably and in line with Salik’s values. This will include publishing information about the impact of our business on people and the environment, as well as the steps we take to ensure good corporate governance.



  • Decreasing carbon footprint in line with Dubai’s ambition of achieving the world’s lowest carbon footprint by 2050
  • In 2018, Salik introduced the first solar powered toll gate at Jebel Ali
  • Committed to power all toll gates by solar energy in the medium term, subject to technical requirements
  • Free Salik tags for owners of electric vehicles
  • In 2019, paperless tag registrations were introduced, saving 4.9 tons of CO2 per year
  • Each transaction made through a Salik smart channel instead of the service centre saves 12kg of CO2 emissions
  • 99% e-adoption across Salik users (via the Salik app or online)


  • Exemptions from toll fees for People of Determination, public transport and school buses, and charitable and public benefit organizations, among others
  • Diverse employee base with eight nationalities currently represented
  • High employee retention rate with over a decade of tenor among the Salik toll operations team
  • Best-in-class customer service: Helpdesk of the year for 2021, with customer satisfaction of 92%


  • Strong Board composition, processes and policies
  • Two non-RTA independent Directors and the CEO serving on the Board
  • Independent audit and remuneration committees
  • Business run in a way that upholds high standards of corporate governance
  • Balanced and transparent concession agreement with pre-determined mechanisms for inflation protection