An even smarter website

The new Salik website, launched in November 2016 continues to improve. The website is now friendlier to use on mobile devices and there are some new services making it even easier to use.


The recently launched Salik website is even easier to use with some great new features:



You can now use your Mobile Number and Plate Number to Recharge yours or someone else's account without logging in and you can even request your Account & PIN.

Recharge your account right now. No need to wait to buy a recharge card or voucher. Recharge now, wherever you are, with your Credit Card or Debit Card using your Mobile number and Plate number. No need to log in.
If you have changed your Plate number or even bought a new phone and now have a new Mobile number and need to update your Salik account, you can do that too.


Everyone claims to have smarter things these days but we really do.  Our new, smarter website has been designed to automatically adjust depending on the device you are viewing it on. Why don't you try it now?  Have a look at it on your phone or tablet. See how it changes without you having to do anything. Now that's smart!

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